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Ali Carr - Managing Editor at Gear Patrol


Ali Carr

Managing Editor at Gear Patrol



Ali is the Managing Editor at Gear Patrol, but she has previously worked for monoliths like Microsoft and the New York Times. Despite having an education that was geared towards memoir writing, her love for the outdoors has positioned her as a leader in building stories surrounding real-life experiences rooted in adventure and nature.

In November of 2018, Ali wrote a breakout piece for Outside Magazine called My Father’s SOS—From the Middle of the the Sea. This piece was not only monumental in her career as a writer, but also in exploring the complexity of loss and grief. Check out Ali’s episode for part of her journey navigating the world of writing, editing, and what it takes to piece together the editorial side of a cohesive brand, like Gear Patrol.


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Ali Talks about interview alex honnald at the oscars

The Keys: You got to interview Alex Honnold at the Oscars—what was that whole experience like?

Ali: Alex Honnald is a very interesting guy, as I’m sure you can tell if you’ve seen Free Solo. I’ve actually spent time with Alex in several different settings and seen him in various moods. I think that morning, the morning of the Oscars—he was tired, he was done with six month film tour, he wants to be climbing…but overall it was so great. He’s just really humble in terms of that kind of stardom and success.

We had a 25 minute chat that gets edited down to six or seven minutes, so you only see a lot of those moments where he shows a bit more color and personality.

The Keys: You left the grumpy stuff out [laughs]

I would say it was in! (laughs)

The real rewarding part of that day was I went out to the NatGeo party that night, and it was the viewing party [for Free Solo]…and the [whole cast and crew] all made an entrance and to see the joy and celebration among the closest people to them was just so phenomenal.