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Ben O'Meara


Ben O’Meara

Executive Director of Marketing and Brand Partnerships



Ben works as the Executive Director of Marketing and Brand Partnerships at Huckberry. Part of his role is to curate content that is authentic and approachable—which is no small feat in the realm of social media and influencer-based content.

In this episode, Ben talks about his origins in Huckberry and his journey in creating client experience that fulfills needs unassociated with physical collateral.




The Keys: What are some of the things that Huckberry carries that give you an emotional connection to the product?

For me, I’ve broken it down to three things: it’s the boot, the pant, and the bag. Those are typically the products that I recommend [to someone visiting Huckberry for the first time.]

For boots, I love the story. People are going to laugh, but I do have the biggest shoe collection at Huckberry. That’s where the rubber meets the road. Where you’re going—the terrain…it’s all about choosing the right footwear…

We have this pant, it’s called the 365 Pant…it’s this great, five-pocket, basic Chino. Made in LA, has stretch, goes with everything, it’s durable. A pant is just a pant—it’s one of those products where—How can a pant be that interesting? But, when you have an uncomfortable pant and you’re travling around…and they rip…that’s annoying. Pants are something I don’t want to have to think about.

And I’m a sucker for a good travel bag and I’m always testing different ones out, and that depends on the function you need…

I traveled around Thailand for a month last year, and we both did it with one bag each, and I brought the new Topo Travel bag [the 40L], which I think is one of the best travel bags out there…


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On Ben moving to San Francisco

The Keys: We just want to make sure we’re tracking with your personal journey—at the time [of meeting the founder of Huckberry], you were living in Boston, and your wife was living in San Francisco…? So you flew out to San Francisco for Coffee with Huckberry?

Ben: I flew out to see my wife and then had coffee [with Huckberry]. The joke is, and my wife says this as well, but Huckberry saved our relationship.


We had a good relationship, but we were a year or two into our relationship, cross-country. It was getting expensive to fly back-and-forth and it’s just not fun to live via phone, especially when you’re three hours across a time zones.

We were getting to that point where it was either move back to Boston, or jump all in. [Laughs]


From 72 hours in Iceland


See the full journal entry from Huckberry about Ben’s trip (along with their team) to Iceland for 72 hours and their recommendations along the way.