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Larry Parker


Larry Parker

Creative Director



I once found a skateboard in a ditch, it changed my life. That chance moment would redirect me from the world of Little League baseball and would grow to teach me the individualism, creativity and fondness for the counter culture, so prevalent in the skate community. From that time until today, there’s been a number of constants in my life. Funny little traits such as the ability to chat for hours, constant motion and the endless interest mechanical objects have shaped who I am.

As with my life, my career has grown and evolved, starting in the world of aerospace engineering and quickly shifting to something much more creative in nature. Industrial design allowed my interests in furniture, architecture, food and storytelling, to find a new outlet. The practice of design, opened my eyes to the world and the people who I designed for. This process built empathy and understanding that serves as the foundation for almost anything I do. Today, my day-to-day looks a bit different, but still draws on the traits and experiences of that kid who’s found skateboard would be the seed of independence, expression and community.




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Do you have any books you’d recommend about things that have inspired you and shaped you?

Larry: You know, this last year was a very busy year [Laughs]. Barbarian Days was probably the most enjoyable thing I read this year. It’s a great book about a multiple-year surf journey around the globe.

I don’t read too much about innovation. I consume all kinds of different content that make me excited or keep me inspired. I keep this running Vimeo “Like” list where I spend all my time looking at motion-content pieces because that’s kind of my next thing…I’ve been really excited about doing Story Boards and working with people like Ben Moon and looking at potential opportunities…about how you communicate the Brand Story.


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