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Podcast with Designer Mackey Saturday, the mind behind Instagram and Oculus.


Mackey Saturday

Designer and Strategist



Mackey Saturday is a designer and typographer whose work includes logos for Instagram, Oculus, Unsplash, and Luxe. Formerly a principal at New York City design firm Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv, he has returned to his own studio, Mackey Saturday.

For more than a decade, he has been helping brands of all sizes find their place through idea-driven strategy, smart and simple design, and a constant pursuit of enduring visual principles.




(out take from podcast)

Do you have any books you’d recommend to anyone who is looking to learn more or grow their knowledge in creative fields?

Mackey: Oh man, I don’t read a lot of books that are about entrepreneurship. I liked Creativity Inc. I thought that was a really fun book to read and just seeing the inner workings of Pixar and how much they really care about their work their..and it showed.

Let My People Go Surfing, everybody likes that book. Yvon is a really incredible business owner. In terms of holding yourself accountable as a business and how you treat your employees, I think that one is a really good book that is exciting for people who are in a higher level of leadership.

Anything that you recommend outside of business, perhaps on how to find rest or reset your creative energy?

Mackey: A book that I’ve recommended to a ton of people is Barbarian Days. It was one of my favorite reads in the last few years. I think that’s an incredible book, even if you’re not a surfer. The mindset that William Finnegan has in living his life and how he lived it should be incredibly inspiring, to anybody. To travel the whole world and discover things…it’s a really incredible book.

I just read a book by David Goggins called Can’t Hurt Me. Totally different side of the spectrum, but a guy who came from a very sad and challenging upbringing and went on to push the human body in ways that nobody ever thought possible, including himself. That one is pretty inspiring, but in a totally different way.


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